Day 51: Card Sorting

Helping us remain user-focused

Card Sorting is a UX research technique used to evaluate or generate ideas for the information architecture of a product or service.

Types of Card Sorting

  1. Remote vs. in-person

  2. Open vs. Closed

  3. Moderated vs. Unmoderated

How to conduct a card sort

  1. Create a list of topics

  2. Shuffle the cards and ask the user to sort them into piles

  3. Ask the user to label each pile


After carrying out the exercise with at least five users, analyze your results with these questions:

  1. What common groups did your users come up with?

  2. Which cards were frequently paired together?

Tips and best practices

  1. Brief the user on what's about to happen

  2. Use a maximum of forty cards

  3. Shuffle the cards for each card-sorting session